Black and White Crayon Resist Picture

December 9, 2018

This is a fun and easy way to enhance your child's creative drawings. It's especially effective for drawing winter scenes. Older children can create elaborate drawings, while younger children can keep things more simple.

Supply List:

•Black crayon

•Black construction paper

•White tempera paint, watered down

Step 1: Have your child draw a picture or design with a black crayon on the black construction paper. Make sure they press hard on the crayon and combine a mixture of lines and solid areas of crayon. Try to cover at least 50% of the

paper with crayon.

Step 2: Water down the white tempera paint so it is thin enough to resist the crayon markings.

Step 3: Brush the white tempera paint lightly over the entire paper, but do not over brush!! Any places that were not crayoned will accept the white paint, but the crayoned areas will resist the white paint.

Step 4: Allow to thoroughly dry before putting it on display.

Hint: Other color combinations can be used, but the black & white extreme seems to work best.

Shared by Linda Rice

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